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Group@Work - The clever network solution for shared Outlook® data. PDF Print E-mail

Group@Work allows sharing of Microsoft Outlook® data in your network - independent of size or structure. Supported are contacts, distribution lists, appointments and tasks.
There's no need for an own server or a server operating system. The installation of Group@Work is easy and without the slightest effort.
Group@Work is independent of Outlook®-Files. It integrates smoothly and without any visual or handling difference - except an additional menu.
Group@Work stores Outlook® data in a centralized database in the background. All additions / changes / deletions of contacts, distribution lists, appointments and tasks a user makes are transferred to the database immediately and synchronized to other clients in definable time-intervals. Everything without user-intervention.
Group@Work has the big advantage, that the shared data is also stored locally at Outlook®. Therefore the shared data is also available, if someone is not connected to the network.
Laptop users can access the shared data without network connection. In offline mode of Group@Work all changes of contacts, distribution lists, appointments or tasks will be saved locally. When the notebook is connected again to the network, the data will be synchronized.
Consisting Outlook® data can be integrated smoothly. Group@Work offers export and import functionalities. Therefore it is not necessary to start from scratch with an empty database - you can simply export and import your existing contacts, distribution lists, appointments and tasks! The manual synchronisation is responsible for merging different data of many users.
Group@Work can work with any Outlook® folders. For example you can use the standard contact folder for private contacts and another contact folder for public contacts. If you don't want to differ between private and public items, you can store both in the same folder. If you declare contacts, distribution lists, appointments or tasks as private, they won't be synchronized.
Group@Work is shipped with a predefined Microsoft Access® database for immediate use. But Group@Work can be used with all mayor SQL-databases like Oracle®, SQLServer® and other ODBC-enabled databases.
The Group@Work database has no password protection. So it can be opened by Microsoft Access®. Therefore it's not difficult to make increments, connections for existing software or web pages.

The favourable alternative to Microsoft Exchange® Server.
Look and see! We offer the most intelligent solution at lowest price!

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